In-Cinema Health & Safety Policies

We are constantly monitoring Alberta Health Services (AHS) standards as they are updated and adjusted, and will continue to abide by the industry standards they set out for us.

Here's how we’re making this festival as safe as possible:

  • We will set capacity based on AHS standards, allowing for social distancing while seated (up to a maximum of 100 ppl per cinema, 2m between cohorts)
  • Face masks must be worn at festival venues at all times. You may remove your mask only while you are actively eating and drinking in your seat.
  • We will be significantly increasing our wayfinding signage, to ensure it’s as easy and quick as possible to move through any public areas of the venue
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for patrons, staff, and volunteers
  • Volunteers and staff will wear PPE to the most current standards set by AHS
  • We will disinfect high touch surfaces, such as door handles and armrests, between each screening with COVID-approved products and using plexiglass dividers to separate patrons and staff wherever possible
  • We are minimizing the number of surfaces patrons will touch wherever possible (eg-volunteers will record their rating of the film, patrons will not touch the voting screen)
  • We are scheduling films to minimize time spent in lines, as well as minimizing the number of people in the lobby at any given time (any lines and entry points will ensure cohorts are separated by 2m, with floor markers to indicate direction)
  • Signage will be in place in the venue to guide patrons on social distancing and safe cinema practices 
  • We are limiting the number of staff and volunteers on-site overall, and creating working cohorts between shifts wherever possible  
  • Staff and volunteers will have a health assessment done at the beginning of every shift by our Health and Safety Officer, and anyone deemed unfit to work will be sent home immediately