Posted on September 6, 2019

Last night hundreds of film fans crowded into the Globe Theatre downtown for CIFF's annual Trailer Party. If you're unfamiliar, the Trailer Party involves playing ALL of the trailers for the films showing this year at the festival, back-to-back-to-back-to... you get it. You might think that after a few dozen trailers, it'd be hard for any one to stand out, but after hearing the audience reactions, it's clear that some made a huge impression. 

 The undisputed "winner" of last night's Trailer Party was GREENER GRASS, and it's not hard to see why: this trailer has a child that turns into a dog, a woman giving birth to a beach ball, adults wearing braces and golf-carts as a sole means of transportation. The audience in both theatres were just about rolling in the aisles laughing at this trailer that got by far the biggest reaction of the night. 

This film follows the journey of musical-duo Jim & Sam as they try to play one show a day for a year, putting their music and marriage to the ultimate test. We're pretty sure a lot of people fell in love with this couple and their story over the course of watching the trailer, if the amount of buzz from the audience is anything to go by. 


It might have just been hearing the word "asshole" repeated so many times on screen, but this comedic documentary exploring the world's rampant plague of asshole behaviour sure got a big reaction last night. 

A new technology called CRISPR may allow humans to change the fundamental, biological nature of who we are and in so doing raises some tough questions on what it means to be human. This trailer that got more claps from the audience than any other trailer last night. 


When just the trailer is enough to get you tearing up, you know you're in for a treat. PRINCESS OF THE ROW is the story of one's girl determination to be with her father, even if that means living with him on Skid Row. 


This dark comedy has a trailer so weird and awkward that the audience couldn't help but start laughing. 


By the time we got to the W's, it was pretty late in the night and this a psychotic violent Russian trailer was enough to really wake up the audience and get them laughing in surprise once again. 


And finally DOLEMITE IS MY NAME finished off the night, being exclusively announced as the second Closing Gala film of the festival. Despite the late hour, Eddie Murphy and the rest of the all-star cast had the audience excited and energized for this sure to be classic biopic. 

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