Posted on September 25, 2017

It's Monday, September 25, which means we're on Day 6 of the Calgary International Film Festival - halfway through our 12-day run! We've had world premieres, sold-out screenings, great discussions with filmmakers, and guests visiting from as far away as the UK and Australia, and we'll have a lot more before the festival finally wraps up at the end of next weekend. Whether you're a front-runner in our new Fan of the Year contest, or you'll be joining us in the theatres for the first time this week, there are still plenty of films to choose from!

Are you looking for something to do this evening after work? Why not grab that special someone and take advantage of our Dinner & A Movie deal? For just $55, you can get a meal for two (and dessert!) at Paper St, as well as two tickets to any of the films playing this evening. These include the long-distance love story EYE ON JULIET, about a remote drone operator in America who falls for a Middle Eastern woman, or the more philosophical MARJORIE PRIME, which takes place in a near future where A.I. versions of lost lovers can be brought back to life and "improved". It's perfect for those post-dinner conversations!

You might have such a good time that you'll want to check out some other films about love in our lineup. Tomorrow you can catch the acclaimed LGBTQ drama CALL ME BY YOUR NAME - a sultry and forbidden love story set in northern Italy, and the controversial WORST CASE, WE GET MARRIED, all about first loves and infatuation. On Wednesday, if you're not heading to the sold-out showing of NO ROADS IN at the National Music Centre, you can drop in on A SWINGERS WEEKEND, a Canadian sex comedy about three couples taking an unconventional retreat.

Later in the week, don't miss THE MISANDRISTS, about a hapless man caught in a nascent feminist revolution; BAD MATCH, a darkly comic thriller for the Tinder generation; or MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES, in which a Polish man's one night stand ends up with him moving to Brazil to care for his child. There are still more - RACER AND THE JAILBIRD, FILM STARS DON'T DIE IN LIVERPOOL, LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA, and others - but we can only say so's much better to simply watch!

If you like to beyond the screen, go - well, behind it! Our Behind the Screen series is in its second year, and there are panels and events happening throughout the rest of the week. And remember, this year our Closing Gala film SUCK IT UP is playing on Saturday, September 30 at Theatre Junction Grand, with our Awards Party happening on Sunday, October 1. You don't want to miss the next 6 days of the Calgary International Film Festival!

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