Posted on September 26, 2016

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! What a time we had here in Calgary as the fifth day of the festival came and went. From awards presentations, to conversations about film careers, to sold-out screenings and rowdy after-parties, here's to another fantastic day in the bag for 2016.

At Globe Cinemas, the big highlight of the day was MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, starring Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler. Selling out well in advance, this heavy-hitting family drama has been gathering impressive reviews on the 2016 festival circuit. The theatre also hosted the screenings of SIDEMEN: LONG ROAD TO GLORY and THE ROLLING STONES OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ for music fans, as well as the Canadian thriller THE UNSEEN and the bloody revenge flick MY FATHER DIE.

Over at Eau Claire, it was even harder to decide which theatre to go to, as some of the most anticipated films of the year played throughout the day. ELLE sold out in advance and started bright and early, quickly followed by SONITA and the critically-loved TONI ERDMANN. The second showing of ADULT LIFE SKILLS later that afternoon sold out (again!), as did DANCER, and AMERICAN HONEY roped in attendees to its first screening. To cap off the day, filmgoers had to choose between GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM (a universally praised documentary about homelessness), MOTHER (Estonia's entry to the Academy Awards® for foreign film consideration), and PATERSON (with Adam Driver of STAR WARS fame), among several others. Thanks to everyone who came to the theatres and joined us on our film journeys!

At other venues, we had visiting director/artist Geoff Redknap show off his makeup skills in the Eau Claire theatre lobby for an incredible Behind The Screen event, and some of our local and guest filmmakers sat down for a chat at Cafe Blanca to discuss the ups and downs of working in the industry. 

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The biggest news of the day yesterday, though, was the presentation of the Alberta Spirit Awards over at Theatre Junction Grand. Ten groups of filmmakers from all across the province gathered to show off their projects, and to answer questions from the audience afterward. The honourable mention went to ANXIETY #5 by Jesse Foster, with the top prize of $2,500 awarded to Sean Meehan's LOST FACE. Big Rock Brewery and Barefoot Wine got the after-party rolling, and it went on long into the night. Thank you so much to all the teams who entered and to everyone who came to cheer them on!

Today you won't have to run around all day, as the films only get started after 4:00pm. But we've jammed a lot into this evening! Anticipated busy screenings are ICE GUARDIANS (4:30pm, Eau Claire) and DENIAL (7pm, Eau Claire). We'll have guests in attendance at OBIT (director Vanessa Gould), KISS AND CRY (director Sean Cisterna, producer Avi Federgreen, and cast members Sarah Fisher & Luke Bilyk, as well as the family of the girl the film is based on), and LIMIT IS THE SKY (director Julia Ivanova), which is having its premiere right here in Calgary tonight! If you like documentaries (or mockumentaries, even), there is a Behind the Screen event about documentary filmmaking, as well as screenings of our Doc Shorts package, HOOLIGAN SPARROW, and OPERATION AVALANCHE, in addition to the others already listed. A full list of today's events, along with our programmers' picks, can be found on our website.

Have you picked up your tickets for our Green Carpet Gala film, BUGS ON THE MENU? It goes down tomorrow night at Globe Cinema, and it's bound to cause some controversy! Tell us what you think on Twitter or Instagram by tagging us @calgaryfilm, or with the hashtag #calgaryfilm. See you there!

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